Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Birthday Boy

     My little brother turned 11 today...and he's almost my height. I still remember when we took him home and we fell in love with his chubby red cheeks and locks of dark hair. Sometimes he would wake us all up in the middle of the night with his cries and my mom would heat him up some Chamomile for his stomachache. Resembling a bunny rabbit, he would be curled up in my arms and I would walk around the room to quiet him down.
     I remember when he was around three years old, chubby little legs running around in a diaper, he would slam on his drum set until you couldn't carry on a conversation with the person standing next to you anymore. One time the noise stopped and that could only mean one thing when you don't hear a child for a while....WHAT DID HE DO. So I make my way down the stairs and I see him waddling his way to me....covered in baby powder. With the cutest voice he lifts up his power ranger light up sneaker and says, " Look! New Shewwwwssss!!!!!!!"...I was done. Despite the mess how could you not laugh at that cuteness?! Nowadays he's much taller and may I add much more annoying...but the cute face turned into a handsome little well as an awesome photography assistant!! ;) Here are a few photos I took of him the other day. Happy'll always be my lil Danino! <3

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