Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Weekend Getaway: The Poconos

     Every once in a while, it's nice to take a few days and get away. This past weekend a few of my friends and I drove up to the Poconos in Pennsylvania for a small getaway. We relaxed at the spa, shopped at the local outlets, and saved a day for horseback riding. We arrived at the stables super excited (I LOVE horses), and were anxious to meet the horses we would ride (being my friends, something funny was bound to happen). We began the trail a little anxious but nonetheless happily riding, all pretty, hair whipping in the wind gallantly (Black Beauty meets Cinderella sorta thing)....that is until we began to trot. Being it was the first time, my friend's horse Boomer trotted her into a few tree branches, and I struggled to keep my horse Patch from eating up the grass instead of staying on the trail -____-. But don't worry, after a while we began to get the hang of it, I'm definitely ready for the next time! Here are a few photos I took during my stay....Happy Wednesday!!

Friday, April 12, 2013


     When you look up the word wanderlust in the encyclopedia, it is defined as having a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world. Flipping through the newest J.Crew catalog, every beautifully styled photograph and gorgeous location left me awestruck. I couldn't have found the more perfect word to describe how I have been feeling the past few days. There is just something about traveling to a place you have never been, that leaves you feeling enchanted, almost as if another piece of the treasure map of life has been unlocked. I dream of the day where I get to photograph at an exotic location for a styled shoot...ahh yes a girl can dream. 
     Reading other photographer's blogs about their awesome adventures leaves me feeling inspired and hopeful (and sometimes I can't help but feel a bit hopeless), wondering if I will ever get that chance. It's amazing how a single photograph can motivate you to do something (well it sure works on me!). Here is a photograph I snapped of my brother's light up globe, the rest of the photos are beautiful inspirations I found on weheartit, that pretty much describe the images floating around in my head that totally make me want to pack up my camera and gooo. Happy Friday!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sparkling Fruit

     I'm not much of a fruit person. Honestly I'd rather have a piece of chocolate cake if I had the option. I know I know, you can't really compare the two but in my eyes the chocolate cake would always win---unless maybe you dip the fruit in chocolate. ;) Regardless, I try to eat more of it by mixing it in smoothies, cereal, shakes etc, anything to make it less bitter. 
     I'm always brainstorming and thinking of new projects I could do and so the other day I decided to photograph fruit in sparkling water. The fruits or vegetables always look so fresh and inviting in many ads, and so I experimented and gave it a try. I simply set up by an area with natural light (right before sunset), and then placed sparkling water in a tall glass right in front of the background. I then simply would drop the fruits in the water and used my macro lens on a fast shutter speed to capture the vibrant bubbles and splashes of the fruits. It took more than a few tries to keep the fruit from quickly floating to the top, but I eventually got the shot. Of course I ended up with a frozen wet hand....but anything for the perfect shot right? =) Happy Wednesday!!