Friday, May 31, 2013

The Island of Capri

     Just off the coast of Sorrento, Italy, located in the midst of the Tyrrhenian Sea... you'll find the beautiful and magical island of Capri. I visited this place a few years ago, but the photographs never received the spotlight they deserved, and so here they are. Although I was only there for one day, the views of the Faraglioni and the crystal cobalt blue waters were so breathtaking that if I close my eyes, I could still feel the salty mist splashing on my face and see the winding cobblestone steps. I had just bought my dslr and so I walked around snapping away at anything and everything---totally thinking I was shooting for a feature in Travel and Leisure Magazine. Nonetheless, as soon as we arrived on the island, we hopped onto one of the speedboats that would take us on the tour around the whole island. It took us around 2 hours to circle Capri, and it even included a singing tour guide =).
     Once we were close enough by the Grotta Azzura, we were squished into tinier boats which would fit under the cave into the grotto. Now being that there were about 8 people being seated in a small canoe-like boat, wobbling in over 100 feet of can sorta guess what was going through my mind. BUT it's not everyday you have the chance to be in a grotto in Italy with sparkling blue water, and so I just hung on for the ride...literally =). We were told we could take a dip once we were under, and I might have been tempted to jump in had I not brought my camera with me. After we finished the tour, we walked through the town and stopped to enjoy a cold gelato al limone. The town is filled with beautiful flowers lining the stone steps, which led to balconies overlooking the ocean. It was so incredibly beautiful that at times I found myself blinking just to make sure it wasn't a dream. The only thing that upset me was the fact I was only there for one day..oh and the fact that Leonardo DiCaprio was in Capri exactly a month later -___-. I hope to one day come back to this beautiful place, until then here are a few photos from my last visit. Enjoy and happy Friday!!

View from the top
Is it obvious how ecstatic I was with my fancy new camera?
Stunning oceanside view
The beautiful Faraglioni
An ancient Roman "clock"
Oh I wish this was my backyard...
Capri is known for its beautiful perfumes made on the island
A little Capri boy statue waving hello welcoming visitors
Yes our boat was squeezed into that tiny Grotto!
La Grotta Azzura

Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Timeless Beauty

     I love looking at fashion photographs of old models and stars. Though trends may change through the years, it seems as if the beauty that is reflected in these photos remain timeless. Everything from the classic poses to the gorgeous clothing adorning the star is just so breathtakingly beautiful. A few of my favorite include the stunning Claudia Cardinale, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, and Bridget Bardot. These women were icons during their time, and yet fifty years or more later i can still hear their laughter ringing right through the photo. These photographs inspire me to push myself and show the outer and inner beauty of a person as I take a photo. I want them to look at it 30 years later and still recognize that beauty within themselves. A photograph tells a story about the subject, the choice of clothing, the smirk or smile, even the way the hair falls on their face gives clues about the person. They say the eyes are the windows of the soul, and I couldn't agree more. Just looking at someone's eyes can tell you a story without a single word. Here a a few of my favorite photos...Happy Thursday!!

Claudia Cardinale

Marilyn Monroe

Elizabeth Taylor

Audrey Hepburn

Bridget Bardot

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Letter to My Mom

Dear Mom,
     When I was little I remember you walking me to and from school everyday. You didn't drive at the time and so we would walk in both good and bad weather, and every once in a while we would stop at the local corner shop where you would treat me to my favorite Whoopie Pie cookie and Yoo-hoo drink. You moved here from Italy in your early 20's when you married Dad. Even without knowing the language, you adjusted to the new lifestyle, thousands of miles away from your family. 
     Sometimes when I find myself complaining about daily troubles, I start to think about the struggles you went through at about the same age I am now. With a language barrier, family far away, me, and being in a different were still able to accomplish so many things. You went to school, learned the languages, and became an amazing mother. If there is one woman I aspire to be like most, Mom it's you. You have unbelievable strength and courage through everything. You've taught me to always have faith, and most of all to forgive and love with all my heart. 
     Even though you decided to use my hair to experiment on and totally cut it like a boy when I was three... I forgive you. Mom today is your special day, and so I want to say thank you...
  • Thank you for putting up with my crazy tweeness and waking up extra early to blow-dry my hair EVERY morning so that it looked perfect....well sorta. 
  • Thank you for then be patient with dying my hair a rainbow of colors in high school within a span of three weeks....I think I was about ready to chop it all off -____-.
  • Thank you for coming with me to interviews and telling me it will all be okay. 
  • For holding my hand as they took not one, but TWO bottles of blood from me, as I squeamishly stated I was about to pass out....clearly I wasn't.
  • For listening to my cries every time I've wanted to give up.
  • For supporting me with every silly idea that comes to my mind.
  • For dealing with 3 crazy children constantly chasing each other around the house and hearing way too many "Ma!!!"s in a 24 hour period. 
  • For telling me my outfits looked nice when I was 13....Mom really? That was WAY too gracious of you.
  • For spending time with me at recess when I moved to a new school...those years were tough, but Mom you made them all better. 
  • For teaching me that being myself is worth a million times more than being someone everyone else wants me to be.
     Mom this is just a short list for some of the things you've done for me, truth is there is a million and one things that even if I could write out...there just wouldn't be enough room on the internet to do so. Mom I love you more than any of the words written here could ever describe. I hope to one day become half as wonderful a mother and person you are to me. Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies in the world. Take the time to tell your mom, grandmother, aunt, friend,... any mother in your life how much you love and appreciate them today. Happy Sunday!!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Spring Mix

     The past few days the light during sunset has been so incredibly beautiful. It was warm with a hint of pink and so I thought it was perfect to practice some backlighting. I took my camera outside and placed it on my tripod and shot some self-portraits. I know I know... many dread self-portraits but I think they can be the funnest thing ever! Not only can you make adjustments to the lighting and camera position as many times as you want, but you could totally be yourself. You could make as many silly faces as you like, dance around and laugh all you want without having to actually be laughed at... (although keep in mind if there are people watching you do this from afar, I won't promise they won't get a good laugh from watching you) =P. 
     I also took photographs of a few of my favorite things this week. After every vacation, I either print or make a book out of the pictures for keepsakes (I love prints of all of my makes them that much more special). I also get bored easily with the d├ęcor in my room from time to time, so I snapped a photo of a new way I found to showcase my favorite necklaces (the Martha Stewart likes to creep out of me from time to time and experiment with many things). Enjoy and happy first day of May!! 

A collection of my Summer memories in print
Arm Candy!
Simple dyi d├ęcor with a few favorite necklaces
Oh pretty light you make my heart so happy
Blurred Happiness