Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Portraits: Stephanie

I had the privilege of photographing one of my best friends the other day at a nearby park. It was a beautiful, clear, crisp, autumn day filled with sunshine and a light breeze...absolutely perfect for photos. Stephanie and I go way back---like way back when we thought crimping our hair to the 8th graduation dance and matching bell-bottom shirts and jeans were cool. Okay, so maybe that's not soo long ago, but you get the idea. Ever since we've been friends the questions "Are you girls sisters? Are you twins? Are you related? Is she related to you? Are you related to her?", and any other possible way you can rephrase those words, have been tossed around quite a few times. And by now I would pretty much say yes, Steph I believe we are long lost sisters from another mister...without a doubt. I'll never forget that one time in school we confused the librarian into thinking there was only one of us, by going up to opposite sides of the desk at different times. Boy weren't we the little pranksters? Stephanie you have become one of my greatest friends and you are absolutely beautiful---no crimping iron needed. I mean what friend would wear their brand new booties and jump around in sand and mud for a photo shoot?...Only an awesome one of course xD. Whether because we can both obnoxiosly sing the lyrics to "Barbie Girl" on cue, or maybe because we had the amazing ability to play badminton and do a jig at the same time during gym class...I am so glad I can call you my best friend. Love you lots girlie! 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

There is no doubt that we should be thankful for every new day we wake up to. Every bite we take on the run to our daily lives, every embrace and smile we receive from the people we love. And today is no exception. I am beyond grateful for the life I was given and am truly blessed with all of the love the Lord has given me in my life. Sometimes I feel as if we overlook our blessings and don't say the things we need to say enough, and so today I am truly thankful for...

My Family. 
To be able to see them, hear them, and laugh with them everyday is something I would never trade for in the entire world.
My Mom.
I don't how life would be without you.
 You show me the beauty of life everyday through your strength, kindness and love in your heart. I only hope to become as wonderful a person as you one day.
My Dad.
For all of the hard work and sacrifices you make for us everyday, while constantly showing us to never give up.
My Sister
Our silly little fights, and endless laughs over pretty much anything that crosses our minds...I know you've got my back. (And i've got yours of course =P).
My little Brother.
You will forever be my little Danino. While you have perfected the role of the annoying little brother, your silly little jokes never cease to bring a smile to my face. 
My Friends.
We could be dancing up a storm, watching a movie, or simply talking as we sip on our oh so necessary coffee. I'll never laugh as much as I do with you guys...thank you for always being the same old crazy, hysterical friends I love.
My Health.
My Home.
My Church Family.
Yes dreamers. I am so thankful for those of you who continuously share the love and passion you have for your dreams to everyone. It means so much to me and others for that constant reminder to never give up. 
Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, words from my heart... 
which I hope in return bring a smile to your face. =)
Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I was recently asked by one of my good friends to take a few photos of her cute dachshund puppy, Frankie.  At first I thought 'Frankie?! I'd love to!'---But then I quickly realized I didn't have much experience photographing pets. Nonetheless I was up for the challenge, and quickly began to scout inspiration from various sources to help me with the shoot. You cannot exactly tell a pet what to do, let alone pose for a picture...especially if the pet is very excited when interacting with others. Frankie was a little ball of energy! But I knew once he placed his little paw on my hand and dove for a kiss....we were gonna be buddies. He winked his little puppy eyes as if if giving me the go-to "Yea you can take my piccha" line. This little guy had me running up and down the hill, laying on the grass, chasing him in the leaves,---well you get the picture. At home as I anxiously sat with soaked jeans waiting for my photos to upload, all I could do was squeal from cuteness as I sorted through one by one. Through this fun experience I learned that sometimes a different opportunity may come up and you may not know what to do, or where to start. But even so, it is always worth a chance to try. You'll never know what you are capable of if you don't take that first leap. Enjoy!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Autumn Splendor/ I Heart Faces Photo Challenge

This week's challenge for I Heart Faces is "Autumn Splendor". We went pumpkin picking a few weeks ago and the sunlight that fell onto the pumpkins created a beautiful dreamlike effect. Enjoy!

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Colors of Fall

Autumn truly is a beautiful season. The leaves change to rich colors of reds, yellows, and orange, the crisp cool weather brushes past your cheeks in the times I find myself mesmerized by its beauty as I drive down the local roads. I simply could not resist taking my camera outside for a few shots of the vivid leaves as the sun shone its last few rays before sunset. And what do you do when these beautiful leaves finally fall?...You splash around in them of course!! We had fun taking a few photos being silly in the leaves (and my hair was totally filled with them after). I also snapped photos of anything that inspired me around my home...yes I would say it was a rather productive week =). On this Veteran's Day, I would like to say thank you to the troops that dedicated and continue to dedicate their lives for this country. Enjoy and Happy 11.11.11!

Just call him Mr. Speedy
Beautiful view of the city at sunrise. 
My prom dress....I felt it deserved a photo shoot of its own. 
These Rose Flower cookies were deeeelicious.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Black/ I Heart Faces Photo Challenge

This week's challenge for I Heart Faces is "Black". Here is this little superstar with his favorite creepy crawly creature!

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

WPPI NYC/ PhotoPlus: Star Struck

This past week, I had the opportunity to attend the WPPI/PhotoPlus International Conference and Expo, and boy did I come home one happy camper. The event was held at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City, and it featured many exhibits including Nikon, Canon, Kubota, Sony, The Knot Magazine, and many more. There were also many great photographers speaking at the event. I had the pleasure of meeting and listening to Jasmine Star at one of the seminars. I may have never mentioned this but.... I absolutely LOVE Jasmine, if there was a group of photography heroes, Jasmine Star would most definitely be Superwoman. Her photography is beautiful and her story is so inspiring. I remember not too long ago when I stumbled upon her blog and I was just left speechless. I couldn't believe how great she became within a short period of time, and her story helped me realize that living life to its fullest means that no matter how difficult a dream may be, no matter who you are, no matter how long it takes, if you give it your will get there. So you can imagine how I felt when I saw her standing at the corner getting ready for the presentation...."OH. MY. GOSH....that's Jasmine Star....she's 5 feet away from me...JASMINE STAR..and JD too!!!"....yep, but obviously this was a conversation going on in my head....I didn't want the other attendees thinking I was out of my mind or anything =P. I also got to see cool new products, and had the chance to play with some of the new cameras and gadgets at the Expo. I went home excited and inspired....oh and with a bag full of goodies too.