Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bubble Madness

     Every so often an idea props itself in my mind and then I have no choice but to try it---lest it torture me until I finally do. The weather has been beautiful the past couple of days and so as I was outside one day with my brother I thought of an idea: BUBBLES. Yes, bubbles. We searched the garage and found a small wand with a half full bottle of soap. Oh no no, this will just not do. We wanted millions of bubbles, ginormous bubbles, bubbles that would possibly fill our entire backyard, you know just like the scene in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. 
     So we went on a hunt at our local store and after desperately scouring the aisles, alas we found huge bubble wands! We rushed back home and the scene looked just like the bubble party scene from The SpongeBob Squarepants Movie. I felt like a child again running back and forth, laughing and twirling with the bubble wand. It amazes me sometimes how something so simple could be so entertaining. I hope you're having a great weekend, Enjoy! =)

Love Love Love!
Totally channeling my inner Pocahontas here =)

Friday, May 11, 2012

Hey Girl/ I Heart Faces Photo Challenge

This month's photo challenge at I Heart Faces is "Hey Girl". I took this photo of my friend right around sunset and the soft pastel colors made a magical combination with the beautiful light. This shot was among my favorites...doesn't she look stunning in this photo?! Enjoy! 

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Center for Food Action Gala Evening

I had the pleasure to attend the annual Center for Food Action' s Gala Evening the other night. The evening honored Oritani Bank and their Charitable Foundation. There were many wonderful restaurants that participated in the event, and filled the room with their delicious foods and fine wines at every corner. Here are a few photos I took at the event. Enjoy!

Flower Arrangements by Dean Street Greenery
The Melting Pot
Grandma's Kitchen
Locale Cafe & Bar
Whole Foods Market
Twist Frozen Yogurt

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Carnival Lights

Every Spring around the same time in April the carnival comes to town. Pretty fluorescent lights illuminate the night sky, loud music and squeals of laughter can be heard from afar, and the heavenly smell of sugar coated zeppoles fill the air. With so many fun details at a carnival, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to practice shooting at night. And so as soon as I was ready, I packed my camera and headed for the door---only to stop myself midway at the mirror and realize my bag looked like I was carrying a bowling ball. --_-- Darn it! I thought about the possibility of my camera dangling off my neck as I rode the rides, slipping out of my hands on the Ferris Wheel and breaking into a million pieces. Hmm take it or leave it?---Oh come on was I kidding myself or what? I knew I wouldn't be able to walk out the door without my camera, soooo I took the risk. Yup, I got to ride the Ferris Wheel, eat my yummy zeppoles annnnd even managed to take some cool photos. Now THAT is what you call living on the wild side ;). Enjoy!

My favorite =D
View from top of Ferris Wheel
 the Bokeh effect =)