Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Celebrations

     This week has been all about Easter preparations, along with the beautiful feeling that Spring has finally arrived. I remember having Easter egg hunts with my cousins as a kid and always wanting to find that super huge egg with an unknown amount of money tucked inside...which I would later use to buy a Barbie, obviously. Although I didn't participate in any egg hunts this year, I did keep the tradition of dyeing eggs in vibrant colors with my little brother. 
     Even though the day is filled with candy eggs and chocolate covered bunnies, I never forget the real meaning as to why we celebrate Easter. The day Jesus rose and overcame death and took away all of our sins...past, present, and future. He who was God, didn't have to, but because he loved us so much sent his son down to Earth and became just like us. He took all of the pain and endured it for us....He became imperfect so I and others don't have to be perfect. He gave us more than anyone could ever ask for and more. Forgiveness before we were even born. He thought of you and me on the cross that day...and today I'm so thankful that He did. Here are a few photos for this weekend's festivities. I wish you and your family and friends a beautiful and Happy Easter!!

Pretty Tulips
Our Colorful Eggs
A Traditional Italian Easter dessert called Pastiere.

A Beautiful Poem by John Jacob Raub that describes God's perfect love for us

Thank you, God, for becoming a human being, 
so I don't have to be like the gods. 
Thank you for becoming finite, unlimited,
so I don't have to be infinite, unlimited. 
Thank you for becoming mortal, 
so I don't have to try to be immortal. 

Thank you for becoming inferior,
so I and others don't have to be superior. 
For being weak, 
so I and others don't have to be strong. 
For being imperfect
so I and others don't have to be perfect.
For being disapproved, 
so I and others don't have to be approved. 
God, thank you for being wrong,
so I and others don't have to be right.
For being a failure, 
so I and others don't have to be a success.
For being poor in every way.

Monday, March 25, 2013

March Flowers/ Floral Still Life Challenge

Oh I really love this time of year. When the flowers start to bloom and the trees create canopies of green leaves for you to drive under...everything just really comes to life. Isn't it beautiful how every Spring the cycle starts all over again? Flowers range in beautiful different colors, but have you ever gotten really close to see one's texture? A flower can have so much detail and pattern that stem (literally) from a single bud. Here is my photo for Rock That Shot's March Photo Challenge. Have a great Monday! 

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Treasure in Time

     I love old things. They tend to hold so many memories and stories in which get passed on through the generations. An old jewelry box that was given to you as a birthday gift, a promise ring given to you from your first love... an old journal that holds one's heart and dreams. I love how a single item can have such beautiful story behind it, and then one day can become part of someone else's story. I have a few old cameras that were used to take photos of my sister and I growing up, and holding one now almost feels like a piece of history that went by in time. 
     Here is a vintage twins reflex Civo-flex camera I recently bought. It is so beautifully crafted, I would have loved to see the photographs it created. I often wonder what beautiful stories lie within this camera. On another note, today is the first day of Spring!!! I'm so excited and can't believe it's already here at the same time. =) Happy Wednesday and first day of Spring!!!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Love That Shot: Simplicity Collection Feature/ Lucky 5

     About a month ago I entered Love That Shot's photo contest to have one of my photos be transformed into a work of art with beautiful photo textures and photo veils. I'm so excited to share that one of my photos was featured as part of their new Simplicity Collection of Photo Veils! Their photo veils add a touch of beauty and leave a magical effect to your photographs, be sure to visit Love That Shot and check them out! 
     On another note, here are my lucky 5 photos I have been taking throughout the week. I can't believe it's almost Spring! With beautiful weather comes.....beautiful light for photo shoots of course!! =) I'm itching to finally get outside and enjoy the warm sunlight and walk around jacket-free. I hope you're enjoying your day... Happy Tuesday!
A beautiful sunset after a day of snowing.
Fresh Strawberries!
Had to capture this photo of Romi snuggling with my cute are they?!
It's Sunnies Season!! B-)
The George Washington Bridge on a cloudy day.