Hi! I'm Barbara 

I'm a coffee drinkin’, Jesus lovin’, book readin', Italian speakin', you better believe I’ll get up to dance at a party (Danza Kuduro = yes please!), wedding/ lifestyle photographer and writer type of gal... based out of 

Northern New Jersey.

Welcome to my little online home!

This place began as a blog to document my photography journey, but over the years grew into so much more.  

God has been slowly revealing, growing, and molding me into the girl He has made me to be.

All of the stories I share, the photographs of the beautiful people I get to capture, my writing pieces, my thoughts, my faith, who I love, what I love... is a reflection of who I am. 

Whether photographing or in writing form... I live to create.

Here you can follow along my latest photography work and read what’s on my heart and mind.

I hope you stay a while to read more about my adventures!

All that I am, all that I have, and all that I could ever hope to be I owe to Jesus Christ. 

{Philippians 4:13}