Wednesday, June 24, 2020

My Bridesmaids Proposal Gifts

Soon after we returned from Italy and got engaged, I began to think of the many ways I could make my bridesmaids proposal sweet and thoughtful. I had so many ideas in mind and researched the perfect gifts I wanted to include. I had a main color scheme and vision I wanted to incorporate and so I searched Etsy and other websites for pretty little things.

There are so many things you can do to make it special! It doesn't have to be big, expensive or extravagant--- just one full of love and from your heart. These are the girls you want by your side on your special day, the ones that you are closest to and spend most days talking to and sharing your thoughts with. 

For me, one way I share my love is with food and hosting, so I wanted us to all be around a table laughing, eating and talking as the girls opened their gifts. 

Here are the little packages I put together for my bridal party and ring boys and flower girl... I also included the links! ;)

1. Bridesmaids Custom Cards: Zazzle
2. Maid of Honor Custom Card: BrideO
2. White Boxes: Amazon
3. Wax Seal Stamp: Premium Wax Seals
4. Custom Cookies: Have A Cake My Way
5. Tulle & Crinkle Paper for Wrapping: Michael's 
6. Lavender Floral Stems: Local Farmer's Market  
7. Custom Initial Ring Dish: DellaDesignsStore
8. Custom Champagne Flutes: Honeybeegiftboxes
9. Custom Initial "Tie The Knot" bracelets: Alacrity Gifts 
10. "Mama" & "Pinky Promise" Necklaces: GLDN
11. Custom Flower girl teddy bear & box: Modparty 
12. Custom "Ring Dude" tshirts: Zazzle
13. Custom ring boy cars: HrtSoulCreationsLLC

Tuesday, June 16, 2020



I love photographing milestones. Engagements, Weddings, Maternity, Newborn... and then growing families. My longtime friends just welcomed their adorable baby boy and I was so honored to photograph this beautiful moment in their lives.

He was absolutely perfect in front of the camera and completely comfortable with being in everyone's arms. Such a sweet boy, congratulations Andrew and Nicole! Here are my favorite photos from their at home session.



Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Getting Ready Details: What to have ready for your photographer

One of my favorite things to shoot on the wedding day is ready, set, encore... the bride and groom details. 

Ah yes, the gorgeous details. I love how the details tie everything together. It showcases the personality of the couple together, as well as the individual bride and groom.

You really get to see the heart behind the wedding. The sentimental part, and how it all ties in with the wedding itself. 

Now you might ask, what exactly are getting ready details? Well, I'm here to share a list of what brides and grooms should have ready for the photographer when they start the day.

Being a bride-to-be myself and super organized, I love lists (so that I don't forget), I wrote down some of the important things you may want to include (preferably in a box) for your wedding photographer. That way when you're getting your makeup done, celebrating with your girls, or the groom is with his guys... the photographers get to work! 

I also made and included a printout for you all the way at the bottom, so you can have on hand ;) Happy Wedding planning!

Bridal Details

 Wedding Dress (placed in bag) where the photographer can have access to it
 Bride's Shoes
Special Hanger (for the wedding dress)
All three rings (engagement ring, both wedding bands)
Veil +Hairpieces
Earrings/Special Jewelry
Ring Box
Invitation Suite (rsvp card, addressed envelope, direction card) 
2 copies of Invitations (so the photographer can shoot both sides)
Special Keepsakes
Perfume (looks nicer if it is new and filled)
Bride's Bouquet
Gift from Groom
Letter from Groom
Vowbook/ Vows
Extra Floral clippings (florists are usually happy to include some)
Any other special keepsake
Groom Details

Groom's Shoes
Cologne (looks nicer if it is new and filled)
Cuff Links
Special Socks
Letter from Bride
Gift from bride  
Any other special keepsake

*Certain photographs 2nd Shot for Jennifer Larsen Photography & Tori Petrillo Photography