Saturday, August 31, 2013

Lifestyle Portraits | Little Ones: Jayden

     I was so excited when I was asked to take photos of this sweet little boy. As soon as I arrived he had the biggest smile and I almost died of the cuteness. Chubby cheeks, and beautiful blue eyes...he was the perfect Gerber baby. And boy did he keep us on our feet! I chased him around with my camera and whenever he turned he'd sneak me one of his adorable smiles...and then kept running. Here are the photos I took of baby Jayden...enjoy and happy Saturday!!

Those beautiful eyes!
What a happy boy he was!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Twenty Four

     Today I turned 24. Wow. Where did all this time go?!! I feel like it was just yesterday when I was with my sister playing with our Barbies and thinking about which outfit we should buy next. With every passing year it does at times feel a little less like my birthday....but maybe that's just because I'm getting older =P. When I was younger I used to think by this age one would be living their dream life and have it all together, but I'm slowly coming to realize that life doesn't always follow your plans.....and that that's okay. 
     We spend so much time thinking of what we want to do and set certain limits and times on ourselves, but in the end we miss the little things in life that are more important than anything else. A good friend of mine gave me a wonderful reminder, "Remember in life it doesn't matter what you do, what you have, matters who you are." Though few, those words laid heavy on my heart. And so today I'm going to be thankful for everything that was given to me 24 years ago. My life, the person I was chosen to be, my family, my friends, the place I live, the good.... and not so good things about me =P, and knowing that above all else... I am loved. Here are a few shots I took to celebrate my birthday..because you know everyone needs a little sparkle on their birthday ;). Happy Monday!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Summer is...

     The Summer will always be my favorite season. There's just a happiness in the air regardless of where you are in the world that everyone understands. It's the best time to get together with family and friends and and enjoy the warm weather. Of course not all Summers are all alike, but even so there are the little things that are just too lovely not to love about this beautiful season. I've been photographing tidbits of my Summer all along so I don't forget the beautiful parts of life that happen in between everything else. Have a great weekend and enjoy!

Summer is...

Beautiful flowers in all the vibrant colors of the rainbow
Capturing life 
Finding inspiration and creating new projects
Heavenly sunsets
Flower crowns!
Strawberry Shortcake =)
All Green
Dinosaurs! Rawrrrr
My fedora, ombré hair and a Berry pout =* 
Firecracker Ice Pops!
A beautiful day at the beach
Walks on the beach
Baywatch! ;)
Jumping over waves
Digging your feet in damp sand
Last but not least, soft serve swirled ice cream...with rainbow sprinkles please =D

Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Season of Tomatoes

     When I was a little girl I always loved being part of the fun of the annual tomato-sauce making season. My Nonna, Mom, and Aunts would gather around a large table and cut hundreds of tomatoes to be then placed in jars. It would be a day long extravaganza of cutting, placing in jars, cooking in a huge pot, and telling stories. When I was younger I would just love spending the entire day playing with my cousins without having to leave early. As I got older, I got the privilege to join everyone in on the fun. The process is long and tedious, but nothing quite beats the taste of homemade tomato sauce. Here are a few photos I took this weekend of our tomato filled day. Enjoy and have a great weekend!