Saturday, June 23, 2012

Summer in Bloom

June 20th marked the first official day of Summer this year, which of course means the beginning of long days by the beach soaking up the sun, barbecue filled afternoons, and moonlit evenings cruising through town with your favorite song blasting away into the night (obviously). Ahh yes days like this make me want to go back to my Aaron Carter days, when I would shamelessly sing along to his Summertime song like it was my job. Besides the million reasons I could list of why of love the summertime, one of my favorite in particular is the variety of beautiful flowers that surround us. I brought my camera along as I strolled through town and snapped a few photos....enjoy! 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dominican Republic: La Romana Trip

     I spent the past week soaking up the Caribbean sun, snorkeling off the coast of Catalina Island, and indulging in the beautiful scenery and foods at La Romana, Dominican Republic.  The trip was quite a last minute decision when my friends asked me---'Wait a tropical island? A week of sun, beautiful weather, and crystal blue water??!? Hmmm.... ....YES!', it obviously did not take too long for me to make the decision to join in on the fun. Prior to this trip I had never seen a tropical island before (except for in movies and photos), and so I was really excited and anxious to finally see it in person. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the ocean from the plane. The water ranged from all different shades of blue, deep sapphires to a clear turquoise. 
     We engaged in many activities including riding a catamaran to Saona Island to find starfish, snorkeling by Catalina Island, and joining in on the fiesta in the evening. I had such a wonderful time and am grateful for the opportunity to have shared it with great friends. Here are a few photos I took while on the trip, enjoy!!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Happy Findings

The past few weeks have been truly beautiful with the weather hitting high temperatures, which of course meeeansss ---summer is officially upon us. Oh yes, flip-flop wearing-iced coffee frappuccino sippin'- ice cream lickin'- ocean water swimmin'- sun-kissed i come =D. That aside, I love scouting the web for inspiration and so here are a few of my favorite photos from We Heart It for the weekend....enjoy and stay cool! B-)

My kind of island 
The beautiful Bridget Bardot.
Yes please =D
How cute is this little owl?!
Did I mention I love love love pretty lights?
Oh Nina Dobrev and Ian make standing in a pile of leaves look so good ;)
What girl doesn't want to run down stone steps flaunting a pretty flowy dress? ;)