Saturday, July 6, 2013

A Look Back

     I always love trying out new projects and so when I stumbled upon Dear Photograph, I fell in love with the idea of taking a photo of a photo, from the past, in the present. If that totally confused you just look at the photograph I snapped and you'll get the pun intended =). When I decided to try it, I already knew I had to use this Polaroid of when I was about 2 years old sitting on the front steps of my grandparent's home. 
     Many things have changed since then, but in some ways things have stayed the same. I'm no longer two years old, but the family has grown and there's many more of us running around outside now, and my grandparent's are still there laughing at all our little antics. But in that moment as I held the photograph and positioned it to match the present, I was there again...two years old, sitting in the sunlight by my pink tricycle, and smiling for a picture that I would be holding one day in my own hands 20 years later. Happy Saturday! 

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