Hi! I'm Barbara 

I'm a storyteller at heart. More than that, I'm an observer and admirer.  I love to look through old photographs, love letters, handwritten notes, the way the clouds are swiveled into the sky at sunset, the sound of the ocean's waves softly kissing the shores. They all tell a story.

Welcome to my little online home!

I began this blog when I was fresh out of college to document my photography journey, but over the years I could never have imagined how much it would grow into what it is today.

I believe Jesus created us uniquely to be a reflection of His love through every ounce of who we are. 

All of the stories I share, the photographs of the beautiful people I get to capture, my writing pieces, my thoughts, my faith, who I love, what I love... is a reflection of who I am. 

I live to create whether that be photography, writing, cooking, singing, dancing... I love to see the stories come alive in every beautiful way there is. I pour my heart into everything I am blessed to do.

Here you can follow along with my latest photography work and read what’s on my heart and mind.

All that I am, all that I have, and all that I could ever hope to be... I owe it all to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.