Saturday, February 2, 2013

A California Summer

     About 2 summers ago, I packed my bags and left for a 2 week road trip with my cousin to California. With only 2 hotels reserved and a flight back from Los Angeles, I would say the trip was pretty unplanned. We simply had a map, a gps, and a guide book to all of the must see places and so we made a list and were on our way. We arrived at San Francisco to bitterly cold 50 degree weather, but I simply fell in love with the city. We walked most of the time to and from Pier 39, and got to ride the super awesome cable cars. From there we drove to Yosemite National Park, and arrived to 90 degree weather. Boy was it a change. We spent a day touring the park, but even so was only a taste of all of the beauty it truly had to offer.
     We traveled along the Big Sur coast, and stopped at various cities and regions of California, including Monterey, San Simeon, Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, and finally arrived in Los Angeles. We would search the internet for a hotel in our next destination and book before leaving. It certainly wasn't a relaxing trip because we were constantly thinking of places we wanted to see within a 2 week period, but in the end truly turned out to be an unbelievable trip. For me, it was one of those things where I saw in movies all the time, but didn't actually think I would one day be able to do. 
     Sometimes trips which don't have much of an itinerary are some of the ones that turn out the best. If you ever have the opportunity to go on a road trip...take the chance! It will open your world and leave you in awe of all the beautiful places and people this world has. Here are a few of the gajillion photos I took on my trip that I never got to post... enjoy, happy Saturday and Groundhog Day!! (Spring is on it's way...yayy!) =)

The cable cars were my favorite =)
The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco
The Painted Ladies by Alamo Square
Coit Tower on Nob Hill
Yosemite National Park
Along the coast of Big Sur
Hearst Castle in San Simeon
Our route throughout the trip
Santa Barbara Mission
Hollywood Walk of Fame, Los Angeles
Griffith Observatory
Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills
We met Alex from Madagascar!

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