Saturday, February 16, 2013

Lucky 5

     Oh it seems as if these months are quickly passing by....can you believe we're already in mid February?! Besides waking up with a voice that could imitate Scream yesterday, a glimpse of the sun shining on the snow covered ground made me feel a little less under the weather. This time of the year around the north eastern states, the weather can be quite unpredictable. One day you'll have to make sure to have enough salt for a snow apocalypse, and the next with a slight rise in the temperature---you're digging in your closet for last year's flip flops ready to hit the beach. -_____- 
     Regardless, I've been keeping busy and in-between my mind drifts off to some far away island, and there I am sipping on an iced Piña Colada with a beautiful view of the ocean right in front of me. Ahh yes, the mind sure does play tricks on us sometimes. Here are a few lucky 5 photos of the week...hope you're having a great weekend, Happy Saturday!

Dunkin' Donuts new Brownie Batter donut....just completed my life. 
A new tasty Nutella Crepe recipe I tried over week
My new Spring hat called for a photo shoot of it's own =)
My Nonni's new puppy Romeo...Romi for Short =)
LuLu's was sweet enough to draw me a cute camera on my package! 

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