Thursday, December 8, 2011


I recently took a few photos of my friend's puppy Snowball for the holidays... and boy did he do everything to keep us on our feet! We thought of this cute idea and attempted at wrapping the lights around him. He stared at us with confused eyes as if saying, "Do I look like a Christmas tree to you?"...then strolled away with the lights glittering and dragging behind him. Needless to say this little guy had us chasing him around the lawn and was oh so clever....only turning to the camera when a treat was given! As I replayed the images through my head, I couldn't help but think there wasn't a photo I shot that was remotely close to what I envisioned. But as it turns out, I was absolutely smitten as I looked through the photos at home. Snowball had worked his charm unknowingly...and he even managed to channel his inner snoopy. Now that's what I call cute and spunky. Enjoy!

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