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Isola di Capri: The Enchanting Island

The last time I was in Capri, I had just purchased my first dslr camera and was learning about photography. I was left in awe of this beautiful island... the vivid blues of the ocean, the scent of Jasmine flowers caressing you as you walk down the little alleys, the sound of the waves softly breaking on the rocks... it's a dream on earth. It makes me think if the Lord created this much beauty here... I could only imagine what Heaven will be like. 

I was so excited to go back with my husband, this time we stayed on the island in an Airbnb close by the Marina Grande. To get to Capri, you need to take a 45 minute ferry which departs right by the Naples Port, Molo Beverello. You can choose to go for the day and explore that way, but if you want to get the true experience and enjoy Capri without the craziness and weariness of travel, I recommend staying for a night or two. As in many places in Italy, there is A LOT of walking in Capri, especially if you choose to stay like we did. 

When you first arrive at the port, the Marina Grande you have a few options of getting up to the main area. You can purchase tickets at the kiosk for the bus that takes you up, the Funicolare cable car, or you can wait on a line to grab a taxi car, or try to grab one yourself if you can. 

If you have time be sure to also visit Anacapri, located on the higher western part of the island. Once you get to Anacapri, in order to get even higher to Monte Solaro, you need to take the lift that's about a 15 minute solo ride to reach the top. Once at the top you can enjoy the spectacular views, and some refreshing granita al limone.

*Tip: Tourists begin to arrive early in the morning around 8 off the ferry boats and leave at the last ferry around 6 in the evening. After that you pretty much have the island to yourself. We woke up really early to purchase our boat ride around Capri when the sun wasn't as hot and there were generally less people. We also walked around in the evening in the Giardini di Augusto and ate dinner and it wasn't crowded at all. 


Soleluna Airbnb: This apartment we stayed in was a hidden gem. Roberto and his wife were the hosts and were the nicest most hospitable people ever (Roberto also gave us a few good laughs, lol). It is located within a few minutes of walking distance to the Marina Grande and we had the beautiful private terrace and home to ourselves. 

Bonus, it also has it's own private walking area that other tourists cannot access that leads you all the way down to the Marina Grande. *Tip: We absolutely loved it, however this apartment did have many steps and we had to carry our luggage both up and down when we arrived and left. I would only recommend this location if you don't mind the walk and climbing steps. 


La Grotta Azzura: The Blue Grotto is one not to be missed in Capri. The cobalt blue waters sparkle as you duck to enter the dark cave that reveals glowing ethereal blue ocean waters. Once in the grotto, sit and listen to the echo of all the sailors singing O Sole Mio as the boat rocks you softly... I had to dip my hands in the magical glowing water. 

*Tips: You can purchase tickets to the Blue Grotto at the Marina Grande port. You have the option of the full island tour (including the Faraglioni) or only to the Blue Grotto. If you prefer not to go on the island boat tour, there is a bus that you can take which you can then wait on a line that takes you down the stairs to the Blue Grotto boats.  

*If you do take the boat ride to the Blue Grotto, there is an additional €15 fee to go onto the smaller boat that takes you in the cave. There is literally a pay station boat in the middle of the water with a "Cassa" sign, right before you enter the cave. You also have the option of not going in the cave and just waiting on the bigger boat until others have their ride in the Grotto and return. Gratuity is very much appreciated by the sailors at the end of the boat rides. 

Faraglioni: The Faraglioni are among one of the famous sights of Capri. If you take a boat tour around the island, they say if you kiss the one you love as the boat passes underneath the arch, you'll be together forever.

Giardini di Augusto: Beautiful gardens to stroll in and take in the sights. Tickets are purchased as you walk in for only €1.63.

Anacapri: The other half of the island located on the western, higher part of the island.

Monte Solaro: You need to take the lift from Anacapri to get to the top of the mountain, amazing views once you reach the top.

Casa del Sandalo: I was looking to purchase handmade sandals, and this place truly stood out amongst the other shops. Antonio was so talented and made my beautiful sandals right in front of us, all the while letting a crowd watch him at work and giving us a few laughs.

Food & Dining

L'Approdo: Roberto from our Airbnb recommended this restaurant conveniently located just a few steps from the Marina Grande. We loved it so much that we went a few times! Their pizza, fried baby squid, stuffed zucchini flowers, and stuffed crochette were absolutely amazing! The staff was very kind and the outside seating is beautiful. Add a Capri Spritz and Gin Basil Smash to your meal and you are all set!

Panorama: Just like the name suggests, this restaurant (a bit on the pricier side) has beautiful panoramic views of Capri. However they do require reservations ahead of time, especially if you want to have dinner during the beautiful sunset. Be sure to reserve your table a few days (possibly even a week or so) if you want to make sure you have a table. Perfect to celebrate a special occasion!

Buonocore Gelateria: This is the famous gelato shop on the island and if the long line outside the shop doesn't hint you need to try it, then maybe the heavenly scent of fresh waffle cones being made will. Their gelato is also SO good... definitely worth the wait!

La Canzone del Cielo: If you take the lift up to Anacapri, this is the first restaurant you'll see with a gorgeous view on Mount Solaro. You don't need to eat at the restaurant to sit underneath the beautiful awning, you can simply order a drink from the Caffe Vergnano 1882 bar on the side and they will bring it out to your table. Be sure to order either a Granita al Limone, a slushy, ice cold lemon drink perfect on a hot summer day, or my favorite a Caffé Crema, a delicious slushy coffee cream. 

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