Thursday, September 9, 2021

Antonietta & Anthony | Proposal

I'm SO excited to share this really special and beautiful proposal of my little sister and brother-to-be!! Anthony thought of the special idea of booking a yacht to go around the harbor on the Long Island Sound and then proposing when we had a clear view of the bay.... and it was amazing!!! 

It was so special to be able to both be there for my little sister and document this moment. I couldn't contain my excitement with my camera hidden in my backpack and when the yacht finally stopped, I got my cue to "pretend to take a photo with my phone" and then pulled out my dslr and snapped away.

It was a gorgeous view with all of the boats in the backdrop and we had such a great time celebrating after. And so the wedding planning begins! I'm so excited... here are my favorites from their special day! I love these two so much!!! ♡

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