Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sparkler Fun

Sometimes boredom can have its perks. Somedays you just have no idea what to do, and well today was one of those days. But i've learned that many times they turn out to be the most fun. A creative thought can literally spark up out of nowhere. I had seen photography with sparklers a few times and I always thought "Oh my gosh! That is so cool! How is that possible?! I want to do that!!" And so after finally convincing myself that these people did not possess magical powers and wands, I went out and bought some sparklers. My brother and I nearly spent 2 hours outside jumping and swishing around the sparklers, as if we had seriously never seen light before. 50 photos and 3 burns later, I had achieved the lit up masterpieces (muahaha). I had such a fun time experimenting with this project. I never knew I could do this until I tried. Sometimes we forget that other people didn't start out perfect, rather we only see their successes. We don't see all of the hard work that led them to where they are now. We need to be willing to try again and again.....and again, until we reach our goals. If you never try, how would you know what you are capable of? I posted a few of the photos....I think they came out pretty cool!! Dont'cha think? =)