Monday, August 21, 2017

Roma 2017

Rome remains to be one of my most favorite cities. I've visited before when I was younger, and yet each time it always leaves me enchanted. 

Perhaps it's the old cobblestone roads that whisper stories untold of the ancient Romans 2,000 years ago. Or maybe it's that "la dolce vita" feeling you get when you sip a cappuccino at the corner pasticceria and a vespa zooms by. 

Summer season is a particularly busy one, full of tourists leaning close as they anxiously await their selfie stick to capture the perfect shot. 

Nonetheless, I zone out as I walk through the roads and a sweet accordion melody starts to play in my mind. 

They say if you make a wish and toss a coin in La Fontana di Trevi you'll return someday. So far, I think it's worked. ;)

A few tips if you plan to visit Rome:

1. If you plan on going inside the Colosseum, you need to make sure you pre-book your tickets. There is usually a very long wait to get in. 

2. Be sure to have a long shirt or sweater as well as long pants or dress you can easily slip on before visiting St. Peter's Basilica or the Pantheon. You will not be allowed in without a covering!

3. Sturdy shoes or sneakers are the comfiest. As much as I would've loved to wear my gladiator sandals and be all do as the romans do, those bumpy (and sometimes broken) cobblestone roads just weren't going to cut it for my poor feet and ankles. 

4. My cousin took us to one of her favorite restaurants called Maccheroni. It's a hidden gem that not too many tourists know of. The Tonnarelli alla Carbonara was so good!

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