Saturday, August 26, 2017


My high school senior year we were asked to answer the question for the yearbook,  "In 10 years I will be..."

I scribbled the words, Happily married with kids.  

Satisfied with my answer, I walked away thinking, Of course, that's going to happen... it's 10 years! It's a simple and great plan.
With every passing year since my 18th birthday, I always chuckled at my response. The simplicity of my teenage heart, with no regard to anything else that could possibly factor into my life choices. 

If I'm completely honest with you though, the more years that went by, the more those few words weighed heavy on my heart.

I had expectations, and surely God would provide for them right?

I slowly started to realize that perhaps those desires might not exactly go according to plan.

The plan as in my plan. And that's exactly what it was. Mine.

I'd been so focused on what I wanted, that I completely missed the big factor here. 

That it was never just about me. It's about Us. As in, Hey Barbara did you know God wanted in on that little old blueprint plan of yours?

Though none of those things I wrote happened (yet), God has been growing me and giving me new desires and dreams that I never thought I'd want.

And that my life will not look like anyone else's... but that's okay.

This gives new meaning to the phrase let go and let God.

He surrounded me with the most loving family and friends that cheer me on in every season. 

And I realize I have work to do. That every second God gave me is not meant to be wasted thinking of what ifs and if onlys.

We're all here for a purpose... and that the grandest adventure of all is when we finally figure out what our role is in this great story.

28... I'm so excited to meet you! You're gonna be a good one. ♡ 

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