Friday, April 21, 2017

The Big Apple | NYC

I had spring break this week and although I didn't go anywhere tropical or flew miles away, D surprised me with a day in the city.

It's funny how close I live to New York, but life often gets in the way and well it's always there so I don't take as much advantage as I could. I guess that's with pretty much most things in life huh?

I always casually mentioned how much I love the New York library, but when I went last summer the main room was closed for renovation. 

That was our first stop, and it was just as beautiful as all the photos I'd seen. It looks just like Belle's library! I told D I wanted one someday just like it pretty please... the sliding staircase included of course.

Then we walked all the way to Central Park, and as I snapped photos of the pretty cherry blossom trees, I looked over the people in the boats. 

D grabbed my hand and I noticed we were going to the entrance. I tried to play it cool but I just blurted it out..."We're going on a boat?!?!" He nodded and smiled, "Yep we are."

There weren't too many people since it was during the week, but it was really pretty. We saw people struggling and laughing to paddle on the boats. It feels like bumper boats when you get too close to someone in the water, and then you just laugh and wait until one of you move out of the way. 

After that we headed to the Met Museum. We'd been there a few times, but it was fun admiring the artwork. I got a few good laughs listening to D narrate what the sculptures might have been saying.

Finally, we headed to the Rockefeller Center. The first time he bought tickets, it rained and we didn't end up going. But today was beautiful. Clear blue skies and sunny. The city view was beautiful from the Top of the Rock. 

It took about 9 years to build. I loved the small video they showed to tell us a little bit about the history of the building. 

Here are the photos I took to remember the city day D planned for us. He made sure to include past things I had mentioned I wanted to do.♡

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