Saturday, April 8, 2017

Never say Never

It's almost the end. By that I mean it's now April, which means crunch time for teachers... and it's almost the end of the year. SGO's, PDP's, Domain 4's, etc,... if you're not a teacher you're probably reading this and saying "what the heck is that?"

I feel ya.

It's funny because last year around this time, I would've said the same thing.

Actually if you came up to me and said I'd be a teacher and filling out all of the reflections and report cards and such... I probably would've laughed in your face. And then cried.

Yep, I probably would've had a good cry session where I'd throw up my fists in the air and said "No not me, I never want to do that..."

As God probably looked down at me and just smiled... the irony of it all huh?

And with that I've come to a conclusion about life. 

Never say never. 
We place these gates around ourselves thinking we'd never do something because it's in the way of our dreams or what we think we should be doing. 

And we don't realize that the things that we don't want to do are probably the ones that we need to step out and conquer. 

They're the ones we're secretly terrified of... but probably will change and mold us into something we never even thought was inside of us. 

So as I sit here typing up and calculating all of my professional hours I've obtained throughout the year, what I thought about my Carnevale lesson, and grading Il Corpo projects... I can't help but ask myself, did it change you?
Yes. It pushed me out of my comfort zone in ways I thought I'd never be able to

This is definitely not like me to say this but, if an opportunity comes your way... say yes.

Don't cower behind the lies that you're not capable and you'll totally suck at it.

Truth? You probably will suck in the beginning I won't lie. But with time you'll get better at it. I promise. 

And that thing you always said never to, will become another hill you climbed and defeated. 

I think I'm onto something here. 

I think God knows our hearts and knows what we need to grow, so He allows us to go through different trials, that are unique to each of us... to change us.  

I'm preaching to myself here because I'm like the biggest scardy cat that ever lived. And I'm learning to say yes to doors that open up. 

Besides you'll never know if you don't give it a try right? ;)

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