Saturday, January 10, 2015

New Year, New Projects: Calligraphy

     Growing up I remember admiring the way others wrote their notes so neatly and simply as if having beautiful handwriting was only given to the few chosen ones. I anxiously tried different methods, but in my eyes my script was never pretty enough to write notes with---- well partly because as my father would say I speed write 500 miles an hour and by the time I am finished, well it is quite illegible (Dad, I got that from you ;). But I am coming to believe that you can always learn something, no matter how impossible you think it may be.
     I'm so happy calligraphy has made its way back in our time. It was such a beautiful art back then, and I admire the patience it took to write the long letters. I decided to purchase a kit and start practicing. Needless to say, it does take some time and well a lot of patience. I mean I've come to almost the ending of a project and then BAM! I misspell a word, and well then I need to start all over. It's quite nerve-racking, mostly because if it doesn't look straight or something--- I need to create 5 more until I get the perfect one. 
     It's teaching me that like photography, it can't be rushed. In today's world, everything is digital and no one wants to put the time or patience for the simple things such as a hand written letter. Oh, but how much more do you appreciate things that are handmade. It makes you stop and really think about what you want to say before you begin writing. At times I feel as if I belong to a different era...I'm an old soul with a young heart :). Given it's a new year, what better time to start new projects... here are a few I've worked on. I made my own watercolor for the backgrounds and some are a few of my favorite quotes, others are ones I gave as gifts.

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