Monday, October 22, 2012

Lifestyle Portraits: Sisters

     Last weekend I had a super fun time taking photos of my best friend and her sister. We searched for a beautiful park to take fall portraits, and when we finally found one we packed our things in the car and drove up. After driving in circles to what seemed like the same road for a bit....we finally found the entrance. But boy was the scenery worth it. It was a beautiful clear day, and when I saw the gorgeous field with Willow trees and the beautiful colored flowers I seriously just wanted to ride my horse and let the wind whip through my hair....well if I had a horse I would soo do that I meant. =) 
     They had me laughing the entire time with their sibling quirks and they photographed so well! They definitely worked it and used their smizing potential at this photo shoot. ;) Here are a few of my favorites from the session...Enjoy!

Beautiful Smile!
Simply stunning. 
Sister silliness throughout the session made photographing them so much fun!
Beautiful girls!
Just hanging by a tree lookin' all know how it is ;)

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