Friday, October 5, 2012

Who We Are

       Sometimes I begin to think how would we have preserved our memories had photography not been invented. Years ago a painting would have depicted our life and who we were, perhaps even journals and letters. Photography has become such a wonderful tool to capture a moment in time. Today it is used almost everyday, every minute, every second to showcase the important moments in our lives. I find it incredible that within a snap of a button, a moment is in a sense frozen in time forever. Whatever it is that you are doing, what you are wearing, where you are, who you are with, will forever remain like that in the photograph. 
       When I was away in Italy visiting family this summer, I found an old suitcase and poured dozens of old photos out. I looked through photographs of my grandparents' wedding, my mother when she was my age, and I couldn't help but find a story within every one I came across. Even though I wasn't there to see what exactly was happening in the moment, the photographs were just so beautiful and almost seemed as if they were replaying that memory as I held them in my hands. It is hard to imagine our parents or even grandparents were once just like us, but within the photos I saw who they were. I saw what my mom loved, her happy moments, and in turn that made me so happy. In her I saw myself, and just thought how wonderful it is to have these memories that they captured, which I now was looking at. 
       To me photography is about remembering what things were like in all times of our lives. A photograph has the power to bring you back to that place, that memory can instantly replay in your mind as if it just happened yesterday. It is so beautiful to think one day my children will know who I was at their age, what I loved, who my friends were. We truly are fortunate to live during a time when technology makes it so easy to document a moment. When you have the chance, take the time to look at your family's photos, ask about the stories behind it. Here is a photo I snapped of some of the old photographs I found at my grandparent's home in Italy. Have a great weekend! 

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