Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Portraits: Stephanie

I had the privilege of photographing one of my best friends the other day at a nearby park. It was a beautiful, clear, crisp, autumn day filled with sunshine and a light breeze...absolutely perfect for photos. Stephanie and I go way back---like way back when we thought crimping our hair to the 8th graduation dance and matching bell-bottom shirts and jeans were cool. Okay, so maybe that's not soo long ago, but you get the idea. Ever since we've been friends the questions "Are you girls sisters? Are you twins? Are you related? Is she related to you? Are you related to her?", and any other possible way you can rephrase those words, have been tossed around quite a few times. And by now I would pretty much say yes, Steph I believe we are long lost sisters from another mister...without a doubt. I'll never forget that one time in school we confused the librarian into thinking there was only one of us, by going up to opposite sides of the desk at different times. Boy weren't we the little pranksters? Stephanie you have become one of my greatest friends and you are absolutely beautiful---no crimping iron needed. I mean what friend would wear their brand new booties and jump around in sand and mud for a photo shoot?...Only an awesome one of course xD. Whether because we can both obnoxiosly sing the lyrics to "Barbie Girl" on cue, or maybe because we had the amazing ability to play badminton and do a jig at the same time during gym class...I am so glad I can call you my best friend. Love you lots girlie! 

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