Monday, April 11, 2016

A Way In The Wilderness | Pursuit Conference 2016

I began to cry the first time I watched the promotional video for the Pursuit Conference. It was something I had never seen before, a gathering for women who loved to create but more than that, women who loved the Lord.

I decided to take a jump and one year later I was off to Rome, Georgia on my own for the first time. The night before, I sunk myself into my Mom's arms and we prayed. 

Despite my fears of not knowing anyone, and flying on my own for the first time... the next morning I boarded an early flight to Atlanta, Georgia.

We arrived as strangers from all parts of the world, and held quick get to know each other conversations. But by the next day, we began to share our hearts, who we were... and the bond we all shared with Jesus. 

The days were filled with dining together, singing worship songs, speakers who poured out their hearts to us. I saw that these people whom I admire for their amazing work and talent, whom had a grand following on social media.... had a much more powerful story behind that all, and had a lot more in common with me than I thought.

I took a lot of things with me from this conference, but there is one thing that truly struck me. 

I'm almost ashamed to admit that for some reason I always thought God only chose some people to do really amazing things with. That only some got incredible stories that could be used to inspire and show how grand He is. And that I wasn't one of them. 

But as each speaker went up and showed their quirkiness, their story that shook the whole room, their brokenness that didn't leave one eye dry... I realized I fell in love with each unique soul.

But they were all different. Different backgrounds, different career, different life situations, different personality... but all had Christ woven beautifully into their lives. 

And I thought, if I can love each one these unique people and cheer them on... isn't God big enough to love each one of us and our differences too?

For as we have many members in one body, but all the members do not have the same function, so we, being many, are one body in Christ, and individually members of one another. Having then gifts differing that according to the grace that is given to us, let us use them... // Romans 12:4-7

Of course He can! God had been trying to show me that He purposely created us all different because He himself has all of these different, funny, sad, strong, and yet all uniquely beautiful traits.

Our God is SO big that He put pieces of Himself in every soul that has ever and will ever walk upon this earth. And He needs us to be just as we are... not like someone else, because it's a reflection of who He is. 

Isn't that amazing?!! The fact that God made me specifically to shine His light in my own way that no one else can. I get it God.... I finally get it. 

We just need to remember that it's not about me or you.... it's about being us, what He gave us and use it for His glory.  

I had the most amazing experience that I'll never forget, and got to meet and spend time with beautiful ladies inside out. Here is my week in photos and all of the beautiful things I got to hear, see, and do. Have a beautiful day!!

Winshape Retreat
My photo was chosen for the cover photo of the Pursuit Magazine!!
The food was so delicious!
I got to meet and spend time with the sweetest girls.

Art of Celebration Community Dinner

Some of the amazing goodies they spoiled us with!
The morning we left had the most beautiful fog and sunshine.


  1. Gorgeous photos! So lovely to meet you, Barbara!

    1. Thank you Jamie!! It was so nice to meet you in person... you are so sweet!!

  2. These photos are gorgeous and SPEAK the story in and of themselves.

  3. These are SO beautiful. YOU are so beautiful!! I was so excited I got to meet you and I hope we get to hang out again soon!! <3 Also, that last photo is picture-perfect!!

    1. Aw thank you Meredith! I loved finally being able to meet you in person... you are so talented and beautiful! Hope we get to meet again soon! Maybe when you are in New York ;)

  4. Sounds like an absolutely incredible experience!! You are so brave for going there without knowing anyone.Though I know it can also make it easier getting to know new people when you are "forced" to it :) But it is still hard getting out of our comfort zones.

    1. Thank you Ida!! Yes it was definitely scary and I'm always so scared to jump! But God is so much bigger than us and He always leads us and we don't have to be brave when He is for us!! <3

  5. I love what the Lord taught you during your time at Pursuit - it's SO true that we're all many members of one body with equal but distinct roles! That was something that was really important for me to think about during the week, too... it's just so incredible how The Lord works! :)

    1. Yes it's the one thing I took most!! I really think the Lord tries to tell us that through everyone's distinct lives and features, but sometimes we need to hear it somewhere else to truly understand it :)