Sunday, November 22, 2015

Water Shoes

     A certain incident happened to me the other day in which had me wishing I had my trusty old rain boots once again. It was pouring down the wrath of Poseidon as I dashed my way to my car.... avoiding puddles was like trying to drive down a narrow street with potholes every few feet. And just when I thought I was safe... SQUASH! Yup exactly the sound of my small, and completely vulnerable to water Moccasin flats made when I stepped into a deep puddle. My pretty and fluff filled Moccasins suddenly became water shoes. 
     I looked down in disgust at my cold and now wet feet as drops continued to pour down on my head. Where are my rain boots when I need them?! I now wobbled my way to my car and with every step, my soaked shoe would squish up cold water and ooze it up my heel. Let's just say the drive home wasn't the most pleasant in my now Moccasin water shoes. 
     I went home and you guessed it... ordered myself a pair of rain boots. Oh yea and what's the first thing I did with them when they came? I JUMPED IN A PUDDLE... and I really jumped and twirled and stomped in it. It was almost like taunting the puddle, I had my protection now and I knew it wouldn't get me wet like the last time. 
     The whole point of this story? Well I thought it was quite funny now that I think about it, but also sometimes I think we need to accidentally step into a puddle to realize what we need. It isn't until we do that, that we really truly go out and get what we need so that we will be ready for the next time. 

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