Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Seasons of Stillness

    In today's world most of us can barely catch up with what is going on today, let alone think about what tomorrow will bring. And yet among all of that busyness we still immerse ourselves in planning out every.single.detail of our future. I mean we are the society of "ME? NO I CAN'T STOP, WON'T STOP...GOTTA HUSTLE HUSTLE HUSTLE!!" We have become in a sense so obsessive with having the perfect future, perfect home, and perfect career... that sadly I feel we have completely forgotten how to live in the present. The irony of it all though, is that we can plan all we want but we have no idea how our futures will turn out. 
     There is nothing wrong with fighting for what is placed on your heart and the life you desire. I'm actually all for it but until now have fallen for the same thinking and daily routine. After all, if every one else thinks that formula is the best way to success... it must be the way right? Not exactly. I am coming to understand that perhaps this type of fast pace living isn't exactly what our lives were meant for. 
     There comes a time when all of us go through one or many "seasons of stillness", meaning that you may be going through a period in your life where you feel like nothing is moving. Perhaps everyone around you is "successful", and well you feel sort of left behind. If I were in a classroom right now, I would be the girl in the back with her head down in shame and slowly raising her hand to this truth. I'm guilty of struggling with this a lot. But what we don't realize is sometimes those "seasons of stillness" are the greatest blessings in disguise.
     During these times of stillness, we discover what we truly need in life. I feel as though God sometimes purposely allows things in our lives to slow down or be taken away solely for the purpose of seeking Him. Isn't that when we are most vulnerable? When we feel there is no one left to turn to, and we wish that someone or something would just hear our cries? 
     I know that feeling. That gut feeling and pain in your heart where you just feel helpless, and that it won't get any better than this. But what seems to us like a wasted period of time in our lives... is actually quite the opposite for God. You see what may seem to us as disadvantages, God actually uses to help us grow. Isn't that amazing? Think about it. There are so many things in life that require growing, that we may not even realize. 
     Trees are one of the most magnificent things in nature. With their great branches that stem out, they leave us all in wonder. Yet, trees go through many seasons. In the Winter, a tree may seem "dead". It doesn't have any leaves, and is exposed. Yet, those strong branches that are exposed, are actually the foundation of the tree. Without it, it wouldn't be possible for the beautiful, colorful leaves that grow in the Spring. 
     Beautiful things take time. The beauty that will be revealed in us needs a solid foundation to grow from. And so God seeks our hearts. Our lives were not meant to be perfect... but purposeful. He intended our lives to have a perfect balance of work and rest, and sometimes the only way for us to truly find Him is to go through seasons of stillness. Though we may not like it... we can be rest assured that after the Winter comes the Spring. 
      The most amazing times in our lives aren't perfectly planned. They come just when we thought nothing great could possibly happen to us. If you are in a "season of stillness", take the time to seek Him and see where He takes you. He has the most wondrous plans for us and the best it truly yet to come... I promise. 

He is like a tree planted by streams of water, 
which yields its fruit in season, and its leaf does not wither. 
In all that he does, he prospers. 
Psalm 1:3

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