Friday, May 16, 2014

Sweet Love | Proposal: Amanda & Steve

     A few weeks ago a high school friend asked me if I would take photos of his proposal he was planning. I had never photographed a proposal before, but the idea of having beautiful photos full of surprise and emotions overcame me and I couldn't wait to see how it would turn out. 
     Steve planned out a whole scavenger hunt with letters and clues that would lead Amanda to places that were meaningful to them (how adorable is that?!), and the final place would be where Steve would be waiting for her with an "anniversary gift". Amanda loves anything Disney and so Steve wrapped a cute collectible figurine of Mickey proposing to Minnie... in the hopes it would persuade her it simply was just a gift when she arrived.
     I waited far off gazing between Steve and where Amanda would walk by (making sure I was hidden) and snapped photos of her arrival. I then quickly leaped to the other side to get closer before the moment would happen (you would think I was a linebacker the way I was running with my camera and lens in hand), and then tried to find a good spot without having Amanda see me. I finally climbed up on a spot, and was able to capture Steve proposing. After, he pointed to me and told Amanda to smile for the camera =).
     As simple as it seems, I am completely honored to have been there to capture that special moment. Usually only the couple get to really embrace that moment in time, but being there and seeing the emotions unfold....was just so beautiful. And then I realized this is it, moments like these are why I love being a photographer. Seeing, capturing and being part of a real moment in time... it truly struck my heart. 
     Steve and Amanda thank you for allowing me to take part in this special time in your lives, I wish you the best of luck and lots of love! Here are the photographs I snapped of them...Enjoy!

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