Friday, April 25, 2014

My Darling Mama

     A few weeks ago I posted a photo of my mother featured as one of the stylish Mamas in Darling Magazine. I was asked to write what I could specifically glean from my Mother's style and why I would describe her as one of the most stylish women I know and look up to.    Mother's Day is only a few weeks away and so I wanted to share the letter I wrote and why my Mama is amazing.

     My mother Ida, was never the type to boast about herself regarding anything, really. And so one summer when I discovered albums full of photographs from her youth back at her home in Italy...I fell in love. I rummaged through albums of old treasures documenting all of her beautiful outfits, and one by one I was able to piece together this beautiful woman I had never really known. My mother though consistently stylish, has always been very humble when it came to speaking about herself. But when I looked at these portraits the one thing I constantly saw... was confidence. 
     My mother could be sitting on a rusted bench with her legs neatly folded on one another, and with her slightly tilted smile could make you wonder whether she modeled for a living. The kind of woman that anything looked good on. 
     What could be gleaned from my mother's style would be her ability to look effortlessly chic in every outfit she wore, her confident poses that made her look beautiful yet classic in every single photograph. 
     Once I saw these photographs, I was inspired to photograph my own outfits throughout the years as well. From my mother I learned that less is more. That you are as beautiful as you think you are, and that confidence comes from within. This photograph of my mother I have attached, was taken the summer of 1984 in Salerno, Italy when she was 17 years old. With a flower printed romper and classic sunglasses, she was the epitome of chic and effortlessly stylish. Proof that it doesn't matter what brand you wear, or what you wear, but rather your confidence that shows through that truly makes an outfit. 

     Here is the photograph of my stylish and all around beautiful Mama, which was featured along with other amazing Mamas. Happy Happy Friday!!! 

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