Monday, February 3, 2014

Sweet Love: Heather & Josh

     Behind every sweet couple lies a beautiful love story. Some may have met at an unexpected event, some may have been introduced through mutual friends, and yet some may have just known each other since they were just kids. Heather and Josh's story began in high school. Both went to the same school in Florida and then due to work and school decided to come up to New York and New Jersey. I was honored when I was asked to document their love story. We headed to Grand Central Station and then walked around the snowy streets of New York City. Though the cold made it a little difficult to stay outside for so long, Heather and Josh were troopers and still laughed all the way through the shoot. 
     When asked about their proposal story, Josh gave a sweet smirk and went on to tell me about the day. He knew Heather would love photographs of the special event whenever it took place and so at a family gathering everyone was staged to take photos. There were numerous poses for friends and family, but the best was saved for last. When Heather was in the perfect spot and all ready to smile, Josh simply asked if they would try another pose....and then kneeled with the perfect transition to ask the question. And she said yes of course!!! How sweet and creative is that? Josh, well done. =) Heather and Josh you were so much fun to work with....I wish you all the happiness in the world!---Oh and by the way, Josh the back of your head looked RIDICULOUS.....totally in a good way! ;) Here are a few of my favorites from their shoot...enjoy!! 

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