Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday Thoughts

     Photography is one of the things in our lives where we all have a connection with. We grow up taking pictures, or rather our parents taking pictures of us to remember every milestone in our lives. Perhaps we have a photograph of our favorite toy, our pet, our best friend when we were three, our first time we pedaled our bicycle on our own. Sometimes looking at a photograph can evoke certain emotions within us, that no one else can quite understand. I see it as "pressing play" in my mind, and the photograph becomes a video of that moment. I find it amazing that almost every photo I've taken or been part of (well at an old enough age) is stored in my mind like a video clip. Whenever I want to replay that moment, I simply look at that image once again. 
     I love to capture moments as with most people with photography, but for me there are deeper reasons as to why I fell in love with it. You see for me, often times a photo starts in my mind. Then the hardest part sometimes is trying to make that photo in real life, so I can show others what I saw. In our society, photography has become a means to show others what we're doing, where we're doing it, how we're dressed, what we're eating, who we're with etc, etc... I'm just as guilty to participating in all of it as well. But the photographs we show others always depict just how "perfect' our life really is in that moment. Our lives could be falling apart behind the scenes, yet as far as the world knows, it's incredible. 
     At times I see this as a negative aspect, since I grew up with simply wanting to remember a photograph in that moment, to remember everything about it, which is beautiful in all aspects. But then there's the other reason I fell in love with it, and that is because to me photography is also an escape. With photography anything is possible. I could create a beautiful whole other world that exists in my mind, or perhaps that I dream of. While it may not necessarily be true in real life (at the moment), in my is. Whether you want to be fearless, a dancer, adventurous, a traveler, me it's all possible with photography. My heart's been heavy lately with so many thoughts, ideas and dreams, that I simply had to just write. If you happen to stumble upon this post, feel free to tell me what you feel...what's your escape?

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