Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Twins: Daniela & Valeria

     I still remember when these two cuties came home from the hospital as if it were just yesterday. Weighing barely 5 pounds each, they were like little bunnies as I held them, no bigger than two of my hands put together. As they got older, we would place them side by side and it was quite funny to see them stare at each other... but eventually one would reach for the other's face (everyday brought a new scratch, hence the term double trouble). I had an obsession with Mary-kate and Ashley at the time, so naturally I would pose them in all of these cute photos mimicking them (thanks to my aunt who allowed me to experiment.) =) But nothing beat the synchronized laughs...which would then make me laugh, and then they would laugh more and then.... you see the ongoing cycle here? 12 years later and they have grown into beautiful girls...not to mention much taller than me! -____- Here are a few photos I took of them the other day...enjoy!

Such Cuties!
I'm hilarious....clearly. =)

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