Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

     Every year we celebrate Father's Day, and many of us buy our Dads cards, cool gifts, and maybe even go out to eat to celebrate the special day. Even though we should be thankful everyday and appreciate what they do for us, sometimes I think we tend to forget how much our Dads really give up for us so that we can be happy. And so today I'd like to write a few things that make my Dad special and super cool. 

Dad here are some of the things that make you the great Dad that you really are... you probably don't remember, but I'll never forget...
  • Every week when we were little for about a month, before you went to work you would take us to Kmart and tell us to pick a toy. And every single time we would head straight to the Barbie aisle and add another one to our collection.....of course Mom wasn't as thrilled to find out my Jasmine doll got a whole new wardrobe and friend every week. 
  • Thanks for coming to the rescue that one time in Italy us girls screamed bloody murder at 3 in the morning because of a jumping grasshopper....I think your stare alone scared the grasshopper away---well no you grabbed it with your hands all Hercules-like and threw it away...but hey it taught us not to yell unless it was a real emergency. =D
  • Thanks for showing me your passion for Food and teaching me how to cook super yummy dishes throughout the years...I don't think there will ever be a faster 7 year old who could make an awesome antipasto salad in less than 5 minutes. 
  • Even though you complain about me going too fast sometimes and not being able to read my "chicken scratch" can thank yourself because I totally got it from you. =)
  • One time we had a massive snowball fight outside.... it wasn't all that fair once you started using the snow blower on us -__-... but it was totally worth Mom yelling at us for coming in soaked. 

     Dad thank you for being the best you could be for us. I want you to know that we appreciate and see all you have done and do everyday. For all the times you come home late from work and everyone is sleeping, for splurging on silly things that we want, and for just being there and loving us even if we aren't perfect...but we're pretty close! Jusssssst Kidding =P We love you! Happy Father's Day to all the great Dads, Grandpas, Uncles, and every Father figure in the world. Happy Sunday!!

Alright Dad, I'll admit it you had style =P
I get my dancing skills from my Dad =)

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