Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Summer Awakening

     Summer is one of those seasons that you wait sooo long to arrive and when it finally does, you become like a chicken running around without a head because of the million and one things you want to do first. When I was in school, those two months of Summer felt like 2 years...it was endless. The days were long, and well spent eating ice cream popsicles, roller blading outside my grandparent's home, playing water tag, staying up late waiting for the glorious sound of Mr. Softee's ice cream truck, and chasing after fireflies. As I get older it seems like the Summer gets shorter and shorter (womp womp). Partly because there is just so many things you want to fit into a 2 month period. 
     Regardless the Summer is my favorite season, and so I intend to make the most it. =) It's the best time to try new things, stay out late, explore different places, and of course make some funny memories. ;) Here are a few photos I took to kick off my Summer. What are you most excited for this Summer? Have a great week!

I <3 beach towns
It was a sparkler kind of night =)

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