Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Spring Mix

     The past few days the light during sunset has been so incredibly beautiful. It was warm with a hint of pink and so I thought it was perfect to practice some backlighting. I took my camera outside and placed it on my tripod and shot some self-portraits. I know I know... many dread self-portraits but I think they can be the funnest thing ever! Not only can you make adjustments to the lighting and camera position as many times as you want, but you could totally be yourself. You could make as many silly faces as you like, dance around and laugh all you want without having to actually be laughed at... (although keep in mind if there are people watching you do this from afar, I won't promise they won't get a good laugh from watching you) =P. 
     I also took photographs of a few of my favorite things this week. After every vacation, I either print or make a book out of the pictures for keepsakes (I love prints of all of my makes them that much more special). I also get bored easily with the d├ęcor in my room from time to time, so I snapped a photo of a new way I found to showcase my favorite necklaces (the Martha Stewart likes to creep out of me from time to time and experiment with many things). Enjoy and happy first day of May!! 

A collection of my Summer memories in print
Arm Candy!
Simple dyi d├ęcor with a few favorite necklaces
Oh pretty light you make my heart so happy
Blurred Happiness

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