Saturday, June 2, 2012

Happy Findings

The past few weeks have been truly beautiful with the weather hitting high temperatures, which of course meeeansss ---summer is officially upon us. Oh yes, flip-flop wearing-iced coffee frappuccino sippin'- ice cream lickin'- ocean water swimmin'- sun-kissed i come =D. That aside, I love scouting the web for inspiration and so here are a few of my favorite photos from We Heart It for the weekend....enjoy and stay cool! B-)

My kind of island 
The beautiful Bridget Bardot.
Yes please =D
How cute is this little owl?!
Did I mention I love love love pretty lights?
Oh Nina Dobrev and Ian make standing in a pile of leaves look so good ;)
What girl doesn't want to run down stone steps flaunting a pretty flowy dress? ;)

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