Monday, April 23, 2012

It's a Spring Thing

You know it's Springtime around here when there is that one day of intense heat, and everyone is out in their summer shorts and flip flops. Since the summer seems to take forever to come around, you can imagine how torturous it is to see bathing suits and flowy summer dresses in every store window. And then the high temperatures finally hit. You're feeling all cool breezing by in your sundress and strappy gladiators, sipping on your iced coffee, thinking Ha! all caught up with fashion now---only to step into your favorite store already sporting Fall's newest collection --_--. You see the dilemma here? With that being said, there was a heat wave a few weeks ago that lasted a couple of days, and well you know what that means riggggght? Photoshoot!!! (Well to me it did at least =P) So my friend and I headed down to a local park around the golden hour, (right around sunset) and shot a few photos. The light and colorful flowers worked together and made a magical combination. Oh and Steph's smize and model-like behavior might have helped a bit too ;). Enjoy!!!

Rawr ;)
Fedora + Beautiful Weather + Happy Girl = Perfection. =)
Shoes Shoes Shoes!

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