Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter 2015

     As humans, we often think we need to constantly do and prove things to be saved by God. That somehow there is a way we can "buy" or secure our salvation if we do. Truth is though, there is nothing we can do or say that will make us good enough in front of God's eyes. Not being a "good person". Not giving money to the poor. Not Religion. Not doing good things. Not giving up our favorite candy bar for a month. Nothing we can do, can ever make us righteous before God.  
     You see, though we tend to compare ourselves to one another based on what we do.... God sees us as all the same. We are all separated from Him by our sins.... our bad decisions that affect our daily lives. But see here is the good news... God loves each and every one of us so much, that He provided a way for us to walk back into His loving arms and be truly, entirely forgiven. 
     He sent His own son, Jesus Christ to be born on this Earth as a man, to walk, live, and be tempted in every way that we could be. But Jesus, the only truly righteous man that ever lived... lived His entire life sinless, and walked in total love. He hungered, He cried, He laughed, and He loved... just like you and me. He also feared knowing His time was at hand, but willingly suffered and took our wrongs. Jesus, truly innocent accepted all of our past, present, future sins....and offered His life in exchange for our freedom. 
     But why? If we constantly fail Him, aren't good enough... why would He do such a thing? Because He loves us. He didn't do it to get anything from us. He did it because He loved us and always will. He just wants our hearts. What Jesus did can't be bought.... because it was a gift. It was free, that's why it's called grace. 
     Jesus actually died. He took with him all of my fears, my doubts, my selfishness, and weaknesses to the grave. But a love so wondrous, so amazing, so great.... cannot be contained in a tomb. Jesus came back to life... TO LIFE!!! He conquered the one thing we fear most: death, and He set us free once and for all. He made me a new creation, so that through Him... I no longer need to be perfect, I am set free. So you may wonder, how can I be set free? What do I do?
     Believe. It is never ever too late to call on upon His name. No matter who you are, no matter what you did, no matter what anyone says about you.... it is never too late in your life to reach for God. Don't wait to have things together in your life... come exactly as you are, where you are. He waits for you with open arms. Happy Easter!

For it is by grace that you are saved through faith, and this is not of yourselves, it is the gift of God. 
-Ephesians 2:8

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