Friday, November 3, 2017

Sweet Love | Stephanie & Michael

Everyone has a story. The day they met, when he finally decided to call her, when she said yes to a casual coffee date. I usually always ask my couples about their story, but for this one in particular, I didn't.

This one is very special to me because they are two of my oldest friends... and I got to play a little part in their love story.

Stephanie and I were in the same grade and have countless tales of us suffering through poor badminton gym days, crimped hair for semi-formals, etc... (sorry Steph, haha I love you!!) But we laughed all the way through them.

Mike was a year older in the same high school, and when we found ourselves in the same Roman history class in college with another mutual friend... eventually we ended up being class buddies. (Mike I still hold you accountable for "my chattiness" in that class! =P)

One day Mike asked about the really pretty girl in one of my photos, and as any typical friend would, I totally gushed about Steph. She was beautiful, loyal, and a total sweetheart.

It became a mission. Through a circle of mutual friends... this was the perfect match and it just had to happen.

But to make the story short, once they met and started getting to know each other... the rest was history.

I along with my other friends have gotten the privilege to see Mike and Steph's love story grow over the years, and it truly is the sweetest.

They went to Europe last summer, and as they walked through the gardens at Linderhof Palace in Germany... Mike proposed.

We celebrated with close friends when they came back, and I was so excited when Steph asked me if I would photograph their engagement.

We strolled through Central Park one early morning and recounted old memories and Mike made sure to carry along our pumpkin prop for the perfect photo ;).

Steph and Mike, I can't promise you that I won't cry when I watch you both say I do next October.

But I wish you countless joy in this new beginning. I hope you'll choose to say "I do" day after day, and remember to always forgive one another, but most of all love each other through every passing season.

Thank you for having me document your love and I can't wait to celebrate with you both next year... Love you!!! ♡

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