Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Back to Why

My cousin sent me a sermon by Pastor Steven Furtick the other day, and it sent my mind into a thinking spiral.

He spoke about passion. How everything in life often involves how much passion we have.

It all begins with passion.

When we first fall in love... there is passion for that other person and wanting to spend time and getting to know them.

When we begin a really cool project... there is passion and a whole storm of ideas and excitement.

When we first begin a business... there is a passion to help us start.

But what happens if we just don't feel the passion anymore?

Does it mean that it's just time for us to move on?

Contrary to what we may think, this verse speaks the truth loudly:

// Nevertheless I have this against you, that you have left your first love. // Revelations 2:4

In this verse, Jesus was speaking about our first love for His Word.

The reason we don't have the passion anymore, is because we're the ones that left it.

We stopped doing.

We stopped loving. We stopped learning. We stopped growing.

We stopped doing the things of why we began it in the first place.

I can imagine that this is where many dreams die, marriages fail, and great ideas get buried.

"The proof of passion is perseverance." 

We need to go back to why we first began.

We need to do the things we did at first! Even if we don't feel like practicing... practice anyway.

Even if we don't feel the love for that person anymore... love anyway.

Even if we don't want to... do the things anyway.

In a society that tells us to act on feelings, we need to fight for what's right and act upon that instead.

Ultimately our passion serves our purpose.

Let's go back to the why and have the courage to start over and do the things, do the things.  

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