Friday, March 11, 2016

When The Stars Don't Align

There is a common phrase that is usually said when things go well, or finally come together. 

The stars finally aligned. 

And I started to think... well how about if they never do "finally align"? 

I was listening to a sermon on the radio the other day and the topic was on Meekness. Being a meek person is having the right view of yourself and staying humble, but most importantly having a teachable spirit. 

Jesus himself was the Son of God, but he came down here to us and made himself less. He knew he was a king and had all of the potential to do whatever he pleased... and yet he allowed people to treat Him less. 

I mean Jesus lived an ordinary life, wasn't rich and basically He didn't start His ministry and purpose until He was around 30. And on top of that, He died a brutal unjust death for all of us who weren't just at all. 


Talk about having a meek character and being submissive to His Father's purpose for his life. 

I think that's one of the things I love most about Jesus. It was that He knew who He was... and yet stayed humble.

We all have these wild dreams and plans for ourselves, any yet sometimes things don't really fall through.

I've been in a rut the past few years to be honest. When is my life going to "start"? I constantly ask God this question. I ask Him why and when things will magically kick into gear and boom! My life is what I envisioned. 

But God silently waited for me to stop my huffing and puffing. So I started to listen. 

Through tears and books and songs and sermons and looking for God in the most unlikely places... I am finally coming to understand. 

That maybe it's not about what we do or where we are in life. Maybe God is more interested in who we are becoming through what we are doing. 

Maybe He allows us to go through the mud, so when we come out of it... our character is refined.  

One thing that has grown me immensely is... uncertainty. 

Being uncertain about which path to take allowed me to finally let go and I opened up my hands and lifted them up to God and said "I'm yours... please make me into what you have planned for me."

If the stars never do align... let go. Let go of what you had planned, your fears, and your pride. Let go and give it all to God. 

I promise you, you are in for a wild ride so buckle up your seat belt. The purpose He has for you will be far more amazing than anything you ever dreamed you could do on your own.

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