Monday, January 11, 2016

Baby Tell Me I'm Worth It

I was clicking through the buttons of my radio on the ride to work the other morning and stumbled upon the song Worth It by Fifth Harmony. I'd heard this song before, and it's honestly quite catchy, and being a girl who likes to dance I don't mind the beat to it either. 

But this time I decided to really listen to the lyrics, and it sort of put me on a thinking wheel. 

Here's this song that's trying to tell girls that basically you're worth it, but what exactly are you worth? Worth loving? Worth getting to know? Or is it that you're worth sleeping around with a few times until the thrill of it all is lost?

We live in a world where it seems all respect for our bodies and souls has been totally crushed and burned. We're fed this way of thinking through celebrities and their ongoing love triangles, people's obsessions of "relationship goals", magazines telling girls how to "please your man",... and well practically everything else you can think of. 

I hear it, read it, and see it all the time. The broken hearts of girls thinking they weren't good enough after they gave all of themselves to that guy. 

The comparisons, the being made fun of. The "But we love each other so what's so wrong with doing it?" or "I'm scared I'll lose him if I don't". 

And honestly it breaks my heart and makes me sick to the stomach.

But I'm here to tell you that you ARE worth it. But you need to wait.

Yes, as in you need to wait for that one special guy that will think the absolute world of you, and will choose to wait until he makes his vows to you and makes you his forever. Why? Because you are worth waiting for. 

Wait whaaaaat? I know it's hard. We all struggle with it at one point or another... but if it wasn't hard then it wouldn't really be all that worth waiting for right?

Jesus gave us this beautiful gift that was meant to be shared between a husband and wife... and here we are corrupting it for our own pleasure and made it meaningless. 

But God never wanted that for me, for you. 

Don't think that God is out to steal all of your fun. Because He isn't, He loves you so much that He wants the crazy, beautiful, the oh my goodness that's amazing kind of life for you.

And to experience something in it's absolute beauty... sometimes we need to wait.

I've heard that having the choice to sleep around makes women feel like they are powerful and in control. 

And I'm here telling you that it's a lie and it makes you a slave to that type of thinking. 

Because in reality there is no such thing as casual intimacy. At some point you will realize that it left a hole in you somewhere. You can try to cover it up with other desires... but the hurt left its bruise.

Everyone makes mistakes, God knows that. We're human that's why there is forgiveness. But we need to realize our hurt and then promise ourselves that we are worth way more than lust and we walk away and change. 

Girls, no matter what the world tells you about good guys not existing... it's simply not true. There are wonderful guys out there I know that for a fact. Instead of giving into that... pray that God brings that special guy in your life. It's one of His promises.  

Don't give in to what the world tries to make of you. You are worth waiting for.... and God never breaks His promises. 


  1. You are so right girl (once again)!! What we really need is not a guy-it is Jesus. Thanks for writing and sharing this. This is something you cannot hear too many times.

    1. Thank you Ida! Yes when we place our hearts and minds on Jesus, everything else will soon fall into place. <3