Friday, August 29, 2014

Italia 2014 | San Benedetto Del Tronto & Ascoli Piceno

     It was 6:30 in the morning, and we had just lost the last bus to San Benedetto Del Tronto. Discouraged, annoyed, and hot we were about ready to take our luggages and go back home. Against the odds, our aunt decided to drive us to the nearest train station in Avellino, and the only train left would leave within the next hour. Our only option included changing 3 different trains and waiting periods of time in between. Luggages in hand, the time that ticked, and the attendant that stared at us to make a decision....we took it. 
     4 hours, 3 train stops, and almost getting off at the wrong place later...we finally arrived to beautiful and sunny San Benedetto Del Tronto. Our uncle picked us up and took us to his home, which was a walking distance to the beach. Oh yes B-). The next few days were filled with mornings at the beach, cousins running around, pizza, gelato, exploring the town of Ascoli Piceno, gelato, beach, and did I already say pizza? ;). 
     The last day, my cousin, sister and I decided to take one last walk along the beach as the sun was setting. We sat at a local bar su la spiaggia and sipped our espresso quietly. The last of the day's light reflected off the ocean as we walked alongside the shore. The colors were like I've never seen before, ranging from a coral pink ascending up to a deep blue. We stopped and took a few photos, wanting to never forget anything about those moments. Who we were, where we were, our jokes and the adventures we got to have together. 
     We collected our things to go back and reached the city area, when my sister and cousin decided to turn back around one last time. I hesitated at first, having to take off my shoes once again...but then chased them along. "Girati Sempre", Always turn around, my sister shouted as we splashed along the water. I realized in that instance, that moments are always fleeting and sometimes certain opportunities only come by once. And so I say, don't let it slip by you... Girati Sempre. I hope you enjoy the following photographs of my stay at San Benedetto Del Tronto. 

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