Monday, October 21, 2013


     Before the Autumn fades away and we find ourselves with the bitter cold of Winter, I wanted to photograph all of the beauty it surprises us with. Though I see the changes of Fall taking place every year, its beauty amazes me every single time. It seems as if the colors tend to get more vibrant with each coming year, and the older I become the more I appreciate this lovely time. I love the crunching sound of leaves underneath my boots as I walk, the scent of the pumpkin spice candle in my home, the way you can wear boots and no jacket at the same time. It's the little things at this time that remind me of well, home. I've been busy working lately, but one day decided to take a walk on my lunch break and see where my eyes would lead me to. Here are a few photographs I've been snapping lately...enjoy! 

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