Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fall Wanderings

     I love venturing to new places from time to time and scoping out shoot locations. The past weekend I visited Ringwood Manor State Park and sort of went on an impromptu photo shoot. The colors are all so beautiful in the Fall and the park was filled with little surprises on every corner. I went at the perfect time of the "golden hour" and the sun's rays shone beautifully on the colorful trees. At one point I couldn't stop jumping up and down from excitement when I would reach another undiscovered area. All I needed was a long flowy dress to feel like I was in a movie. And what came to mind when I saw the meadow in the forest....Twilight of course! ;) Here are some of my favorite photographs...enjoy!! 

Follow the light...

I absolutely loved this.
Yes, I squealed from excitement when I saw this.
Skylands Manor

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