Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Lifestyle Portraits | Seniors: Giulie

     When we were little I remember coming over your house and dressing you up as a bride.  As I a bride I mean taking the biggest white sheets we had around and draping them gracefully over your tiny 5 year old self...and double knotting just to make sure it wouldn't fall off. You looked more like a little Greek goddess than a bride, but it was close enough. I then would take my Kodak digital camera (which was a birthday gift) and commence to pose you in ways I thought a bride would be posed on her wedding day. Who would have thought that this would one day become what I wanted to do in my life?!? It's truly amazing how some things were always there, yet we don't discover it until much after. 
     A few days ago we decided to go wandering and take a few photos along the way. I'm not sure if we could've fit anymore clothes or boots or heels in the back of my car. We kept track of the sunset time and made sure to get as many shots as possible before the last of the day's light. You would've thought we were two crazy girls running back to the car with my phone flashlight leading the way...heels and all. It was so much fun...I already can't wait for the next photo shoot! You've grown into such a talented beautiful girl, and one day I might actually be taking your wedding photos....without the bed sheets this time though ;). But I won't promise that photo I snapped of 5 year old you won't make an appearance in your wedding photos slide show =). Love you! Here are a few favorite photos I took of her...enjoy!! 

Oh that look! ;)
There's that pretty smile!!

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