Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Style Bound/ Happy Findings

So it seems a century has passed by since I last posted! February has breezed by, and in a few weeks it will be Spring. I love this time of year because we get to see the beauty of nature grow right before our eyes. I mean isn't it simply amazing? Everything comes back to life at around the same time every year, the flowers begin to bloom, the weather becomes warmer, and the days grow longer (yay!). I can't help but think how beautiful God made this world for us, from the beautiful colors of the sunset sky, the warm breeze that brushes our cheeks, to the lovely scent of trees and that fill the summer air. At times I feel we become so caught up in our daily routines that we miss the beauty of life happening right outside our windows. On another note, I thought it would be fun to share other loves and passions of mine so I'm happy to introduce to you Style Bound, posts dedicated to my obsession with fashion as well as other Happy Findings that bring a smile to my day, who knows might even brighten up yours ;). Enjoy!

Red Velvet Cake. Need I say more?
One of my favorite Dr. Seuss quotes. 
The Aurora Borealis is so incredibly beautiful in photographs, I hope to one day see it in person. 
Oh so true. 

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