Sunday, January 22, 2012

Winter Fun

After a warm Christmas, at last the skies opened up and the first few sprinkles of snow covered the ground. The sprinkles accumulated to a whopping 5 inches of snow, only of course it happened to be on a weekend therefore there was no need for a snow day. But I remember how I would hope and pray that the clouds would cause a blizzard so massive, that it would sweep the town with enough snow to cancel school forever----okay okay one day would have made me happy too =P. So what better way to enjoy the snow than to snap a few pictures right?! Despite the haziness in the photos, they depict exactly how it felt to be outside on a snowy afternoon, still and peaceful. I have also posted a few recent projects I have been working on to keep me creative throughout the cold season. Enjoy!

Cheeseeeeeee xD
Who could resist these oh so fluffy pancakes in the morning?
This beautiful sunset was like a Candyland dream.
Every girl needs at least one pair of funky colored shoes ;)
Sigh if only this were real...

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